Chapter 44 Blind

Nicole sneered and looked at Ingrid Ferguson with a cold gaze. She lowered her eyelids slightly and said, “Ms. Ferguson, are you trying to embarrass me by bringing out this ugly past over and over again? Mind you, I’m not embarrassed. Your family should be embarrassed for treating their daughter-in-law like a maid. I wonder who will ever dare to marry into your family again...” “Anyway, you’re not worthy of being a Ferguson! Nicole, you were clearly trying to seduce my brother earlier. Aren’t you gonna admit it?” Ingrid was adamant that Nicole was deliberately seducing her brother with that kiss earlier. ‘Nicole wants me to apologize?!’ Ingrid was resentful and thought, ‘Why can Nicole be so arrogant? Why didn’t my brother back me up?’ “Ms. Ferguson, you actually think that I want to seduce Mr. Ferguson?” Nicole laughed lightly. She was never one to beat around the bush and had always gone straight to the point. ‘Seduce? I don’t think I’m cheap enough to do this!’ That kiss at

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