The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 450 She Wants to Hit Someone

Chapter 450 She Wants to Hit Someone

In the photo, the surroundings were wet because of the drizzle. Clayton and Nicole did not hold an umbrella, so their hair and clothes had fine mists of water. The scenery was a little blurred with a clear focus on the two people. Once Toto left in a fit of anger, there was a one-person gap between Nicole and Clayton. The two of them looked so regal and reserved as they stood there. Their eyes collided as they looked at each other with a bright smile. The image was extraordinarily harmonious and beautiful. “Not bad, right?” Clayton came closer and swept a glance at the phone. “Mm, not bad.” Since they both looked so good, a casual shot was still a sight to behold. Nicole sent the photo to her phone. She thought that it had been a while since she last posted something on social media, so she posted this picture with a caption. [A day to remember!] She saw Yvette and Julie’s instant likes. Even Keith liked her photo in a few seconds of posting. Nicole speechlessly put away her ph

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