The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 458 You Don’t Have a Chance

Chapter 458 You Don’t Have a Chance

Toto smiled radiantly and lied without batting an eye. Nicole looked at Eric, who raised the cotton candy in his hand. His gaze was gentle and deep. “Well, do you like it?” Nicole looked at Eric with a complicated expression. ‘Cotton candy? This isn’t at all like Eric’s style!’ Before she could do anything, Lil Michael excitedly ran over from her side. “I like it! I like it!” As the crowd froze, Lil Michael took over the cotton candy and bit into it viciously. “OMG! It’s so sweet that my baby teeth are gonna fall off!” Lil Michael covered his little cheek and ran aggrievedly into Nicole’s arms. “Pretty Lady, my teeth hurt…” Eric was exasperated, but he had to maintain his composure and pretend to be gentle and kind. “Be careful then.” Eric had no other choice because he was at a disadvantage. Thus, he could not simply offend anyone close to Nicole. Nicole patted Lil Michael’s fluffy curls. She knew that Eric was pretending, but she did not expose him. “Then don’t eat it.

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