The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 464 Inordinate Ambition

Chapter 464 Inordinate Ambition

Old Master Ferguson said, “Don’t waste your efforts on Nicole anymore. She has scandals with male celebrities left and right, and now even a scandal with Clayton Sloan. Which family can accept such a woman that has more scandals than you? If she really marries into our family, how can we still command respect from others?” Eric’s gaze swept over Ivy Harrison, who was standing obediently at the side. The cold light in his eyes pierced her like a knife. Ivy was nervous and did not know what she had done wrong. She wanted to take a closer look at his eyes, but he had already shifted his gaze. Was it disappointment or joy? Eric’s thin lips were pursed. His complexion was dark and unsightly. “If you want a marriage alliance, you can marry her yourself. Nicole is my only choice.” After that, Eric hung up the phone. His body was exuding a dense chill. The surrounding people who wanted to exchange pleasantries with Eric dared not approach him. Seeing that he hung up the phone, Ivy Har

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