Chapter 474 Guess Who

The reception ended, and everyone dispersed. Ian Carter hitched a ride with Nicole. On the way back, he kept complimenting Clayton Sloan. “This guy is on a whole different level. He’s so different from us mere mortals!” Nicole nodded in agreement. ...... The research and development project over at J&L Corporation was progressing smoothly. Within a few days, they produced some new results. The new project assistant, Tucker, who was stationed at J&L Corporation, was a bit overwhelmed by such a huge project, so he proposed for Nicole to send some additional staff. Nicole also agreed. After all, the project had reached a mature stage, so the complexity and professionalism were far beyond the initial stage. Two days later, Logan sent the list of new hires to Nicole. Nicole took a look at it. Logan looked like he had something to say. “The people here are all graduates from top universities. Do you want to pick one?” She picked up a stack of documents and casually asked, “Who’s m

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