Chapter 47 Humble

After all, Ingrid looked very wretched and could not come out of the bathroom for a while. Eric looked at Nicole with a deep gaze. His chiseled face held an inquisitive expression. “Why didn’t you say anything when my family treated you like this?” “What?” Nicole raised her eyebrows. Her eyes were indifferent, and she did not expect him to say that. “Why didn’t you ever tell me?” ‘If she had told me, I’d have stopped my family from doing this to her… I definitely would.’ Eric scrutinized Nicole with his stunning eyes as if he did not want to let go of any hint of emotion on her face. Nicole laughed. “It’s all in the past. We’re divorced now, so there’s no point in mentioning it again.” ‘What’s the use of talking about it now? They will only humiliate me more…’ “Since we’re already divorced, what’s the harm of talking about it? You should at least let me know why you wanted a divorce out of the blue, right?” The man suppressed his violently beating heart in his chest and looked

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