The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 480 Get Lost With You

Chapter 480 Get Lost With You

Eric and Ivy’s intimate embrace at this moment was such an explosive and astonishing image. Those reporters were like hungry wolves hunting for food. They were clicking away at their cameras and filming this scene. Ivy Harrison cowered behind Eric, shivering with fear, looking so pitiful. The reporters did not expect that both Nicole and Eric had new love interests. In the next second, Eric pushed Ivy away like she was a piece of trash stuck to his body. The disgust in his expression was not hidden at all. He did not even care if Ivy was naked in front of the cameras. Eric walked up to the reporters with a sullen and oppressive gaze. His tone was threatening. “I don’t care who told you to come. If a word or a photo about this gets out, all of you will be unemployed by tomorrow.” In an instant, the clicking sound of the cameras stopped abruptly. It was completely silent. Not a sound could be heard. Those reporters looked at Eric with fearful eyes. Eric always appeared in fin

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