Chapter 482 Fired

Eric’s gaze deepened. A trace of panic flashed in Nicole’s eyes before she glared at Eric with some annoyance. The two of them were uncompromising. They were in extreme proximity to each other, so much so that Nicole could feel Eric’s breath in her face. Nicole’s heart was racing for a moment. She lifted her arms to push him away, but in the next second, Eric held her hand. His gaze was dark and deep as he looked at her. His voice was low and raspy. “Nicole, what else do I have to do for you to forgive me?” His plea and show of weakness felt like he wanted to cut his heart open so that she could see his sincerity. Nicole tilted her head to look at him. Her heart trembled slightly like it was electrocuted. After a while, she chuckled. “Mr. Ferguson, you don’t have to do anything because I never look back.” Her heart was as cold as a rock. At this moment, a set of heavy, unfamiliar footsteps came from the side. Who could be so insensitive as to interrupt them at this time? “M

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