The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 486 You’re Not Qualified

Chapter 486 You’re Not Qualified

Joy Harrison’s face was glum as she scolded Ivy Harrison. Joy finally could not stand it and went up to slap Ivy. “It’s all your fault! What exactly did you do to make Nicole so angry? The high-society ladies are now laughing at me for having such a useless sister like you!” The elite circle was not very big, to begin with. Harrison Corporation was only big domestically and was not on the same level as the internationally renowned Stanton Corporation. Thus, Joy’s circle was not the same as Nicole’s. Joy knew that Nicole’s circle was composed of the ultimate elites who stood at the top of the food chain, and she could only look up to her. Ivy’s face was hot and painful from the slap. All she felt was panic and shame. It turned out that Nicole was not oblivious to what Ivy had done to her. Nicole did not bother to deal with Ivy and went directly to Harrison Corporation. The Harrison family was to take responsibility for Ivy’s mistakes. This was a clear warning to Ivy so that she

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