The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 489 A Family of Three

Chapter 489 A Family of Three

Tigger thought, ‘How dare you question that I’m not a real tiger!’ It shook its tail and instantly felt that Lil Michael was not cute anymore. Lil Michael frowned. To verify the tiger’s authenticity, Lil Michael took a piece of beef jerky from the table and put it in Tigger's mouth. “Eat it then, little tiger!” Tigger desperately wanted to get rid of this kid’s grasp, but it was too weak. It felt so aggrieved. Just when Nicole was about to help, Tigger waved his front paws in the air. “I can’t eat! I’m a fake tiger…” Tigger’s dignity as a fierce tiger was swept down the drain because of a kid. It shook its fur and rested in Lil Michael’s arms speechlessly as it stared aggrievedly at Nicole. ‘Mama didn’t even help me…’ Nicole bowed her head and ate quietly. Since Clayton had expressed interest in her before, Nicole tried her best to hide the trace of awkwardness she felt. The two adults did not mention a word of what happened before so it was uncomfortable, but Clayton woul

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