The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 507 Throw in His Lot With Her

Chapter 507 Throw in His Lot With Her

Nicole was stunned for a moment. Xander walked up to her as if he had come here just for her. His smile was deliberately trained, with a curvature that was particularly similar to Eric’s. Every time Nicole looked at Xander, she had a very strange feeling. Eric would never smile with such fakeness and politeness. “Ms. Stanton, it’s a pleasure to see you…” Nicole nodded with a calm face. There were many people around, and Nicole did not want to be the focus of attention. Xander hesitated for a second and said, “I wanted to apologize to you regarding the hot topic incident back then. Actually, I asked a reporter friend of mine to take that photo...” Nicole raised her brows. She has already known about this for a long time. Why was he bringing it up? When Xander saw that she was not surprised, his heart sank slightly and he continued stiffly, “I’m sorry for the trouble I caused you.” Nicole’s lips curled. “Mr. Xander, you have tens of thousands of fans, so this matter shouldn’t

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