Chapter 50 Backer

Samantha Lindt hated Nicole, but since Nicole had something over her head, Samantha dared not get into an all-out fight with her. “My experience in leading teams is no less than those on the list, and my performance is one of the best among the senior managers. Vice President Nicole, are you still holding a grudge against me because of what happened last time?” Samantha was obviously a bit discontented. Nicole lowered her eyes and laughed. “No, I don’t hold a grudge against you, but I do remember that you were against cooperating with J&L before this. I’m just afraid your attitude will affect our cooperation, so…” “I will comply with the company’s decision.” Samantha eagerly showed her allegiance. Nicole gave her a perfunctory smile. “This list has been announced at the board meeting, so I’m afraid there’s no way to change it now. Let’s talk about it next time we have the chance…” She had already started to pack up the things on her desk, giving Samantha an obvious signal that sh

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