The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 523 Raised His Hands in Surrender

Chapter 523 Raised His Hands in Surrender

One second after the game started, Eric was already eliminated. No one would expect this even in their dreams. Eric turned around and looked at Nicole, aggrieved. Although he was eliminated, he was very calm and helplessly raised his hands in surrender. Nicole put her gun away and breathed a sigh before snorting coldly. “I don’t want an incompetent teammate!” Then, she went past him and ran to a nearby trench to ambush the other team, swiftly getting into a killer mindset. Everyone was speechless for a moment, but they also got into the game. They could not do anything about it. Eric and Nicole were enemies. They all thought that perhaps Eric calling Grant “Big Brother” had provoked Nicole. That was why she kicked Eric out of the game decisively. Eric stood to the side as a referee, standing on higher ground so he could take in the whole situation. He could see that Nicole was methodical and disciplined, and her body was flexible. Her movements and routes were almost on the

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