The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 529 Borrow His Room

Chapter 529 Borrow His Room

Ivy saw the cold and indifferent Nicole and felt her heart turn sour. She quietly pinched her skirt and gritted her teeth in forbearance. Eric’s eyes only had warmth when she arrived. However, Ivy did not want to admit defeat and leave so wretchedly like this. At least, there was still hope for her as long as Eric and Nicole were not married. Even if she was an illegitimate daughter and a fake, as long as she was acknowledged by the Harrison family, she was the Harrison family’s Second Young Lady. Ivy took a deep breath and looked at Mitchell pitifully. “Can I borrow Mr. Ferguson’s room to wash my face?” She would stay a little longer until Nicole left. If Eric saw her inside his office, he would not be able to remain indifferent. Mitchell stood there in embarrassment. “I’m afraid not. No one is allowed to use President Ferguson’s private space. Why don’t you go to the washroom outside, Ms. Harrison?” Ivy froze. She did not expect to be rejected. Her face turned from white to

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