Chapter 534 Hard to Chase

Nicole curled her lips, and she inadvertently retracted her hand. “It doesn’t hurt anymore.” She looked at Clayton, whose face was tinged with slight anger, and the conflict in her heart disappeared. Lil Michael reminded Nicole that Clayton was an exceptional man, so there must be countless people who would surround him. Nicole did not know anything about him except for his deceased ex-wife. How could she think of him as a blank sheet of paper? Nicole returned to her senses in time, never dragging her feet. Clayton slowly and methodically put down the first aid kit. He could not discipline his son with Nicole around, so he had to maintain a decent smile. However, there was no trace of warmth in his smile. He withdrew his gaze, looked at Nicole, and explained patiently, “That’s impossible. My family doctor in Liberty was a very lazy person, so I had no choice but to learn first-aid knowledge by myself.” Nicole smiled faintly, her attitude was polite and slightly detached. “It’s

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