The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 536 There’s Nothing Wrong With a Meal

Chapter 536 There’s Nothing Wrong With a Meal

Nicole pursed her lips and raised her eyes just in time to meet Eric’s gaze. They coincidentally smiled. Eric’s voice was cold. “Since the system data and the chip records are both normal, there’s only one thing that can be abnormal.” Everyone looked at him silently and nervously. Eric said, “The test car.” For a long time, everyone was silent and did not make a sound. They were shocked, but they had no choice but to accept Eric’s words. “What could be wrong with the car?” Eric pursed his lips. “The car was specially customized, but the components that work hand-in-hand with the AI system were custom-made by a different company. Has anyone checked this?” No one made any sound. However, there was no doubt that a breakthrough had been found in this accident. “Meeting adjourned.” Eric spoke and immediately ended the video conference. Nicole’s eyes fell on the man’s face. She did not say anything, but she had the same thought. She did not expect Eric to have the same idea as he

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