The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 53 Slap Her With Money

Chapter 53 Slap Her With Money

Nicole had long since blocked Eric and cut off all contact with him. She did not expect to see his name in Ian’s post. ‘This circle is just too small…’ Eric’s comment: [Knock-off.] It did not do much damage, but it was quite insulting. Ian angrily left a dozen comments below cursing Eric Ferguson. However, there was no other reply from Eric. The “war” was over. Nicole rolled her eyes helplessly. “Ian doesn’t have anything better to do, huh?” “He’s really interested in you. Everyone can see that. Why don’t you give him a chance? You can take advantage of this opportunity to annoy the crap out of Eric Ferguson…” “I won’t be romantically interested in my closest and dearest friends. If I was interested in him, I’d have made a move on him long ago, so stop spouting nonsense...” Nicole frowned thinking of how she should solve this situation with Ian. “Then forget it. I’ve got my eye on a necklace. Wanna come with me to take a look?” There was always something to talk about between g

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