The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 554 He Was Actually Scared

Chapter 554 He Was Actually Scared

Gerard Lichman was already there when Nicole arrived at the restaurant’s private room. Several familiar faces came back with Gerard. She smiled and went up to hug Gerard. “Good work, Mr. Lichman.” Gerard laughed. His elegant face was a little haggard, but he was more excited. “It’s my job. Fortunately, we weren’t a disgrace to the Medianian artificial intelligence scene.” Nicole thought, ‘He’s got quite a big picture.’ After everyone exchanged pleasantries, they were relaxed and started chit-chatting. “Let’s order some food.” Nicole said, “It’s on me today, so order whatever you like.” Gerard hesitated for a moment. “It should be my treat since I have to apologize to Mr. Ferguson.” Nicole was surprised. “Apologize for what?” Gerard thought that perhaps Nicole could help him out, so he told her about what happened that day. When Nicole heard about Eric’s reply, she could imagine what Eric felt at that moment. Eric used to be in the military, so even if he became a businessm

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