The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 559 Fall of the Second Female Lead

Chapter 559 Fall of the Second Female Lead

Julie Nixon picked up the car keys and jade pendant with trembling hands and heartache. Nicole frowned. She knew that Julie treasured that jade pendant the most. “What did you do?” The second female froze for a moment and looked at the ground, annoyed and disdainful. “I didn’t do it on purpose.” After that, she turned around to leave. “Is it justified if you didn’t do it on purpose?” Julie’s eyes were red. “So, you’re saying that I deserve it?” The second female looked at her speechlessly. “How much is it? I’ll just get my boyfriend to compensate you.” Nicole furrowed her eyebrows. “You can’t even apologize?” The second female lead recognized Nicole. When she heard this, she dared not retort. She paused and bit her lower lip. It was not hard to apologize, but that woman was aggressive and too annoying. “Lil N, it’s not like you don’t know me. Your brother will help me out, so just leave it be.” Nicole’s eyes sank. Her voice suddenly turned cold. “What did you call me?” Fo

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