Chapter 561 I Can Too

Nicole wrinkled her brows and looked at Eric. Eric walked in front of her with an aggressive coldness. “You’re going to a hotel?” His voice was low and husky. He seemed to be trying desperately to suppress his emotions. Eric did not want her to see the not-so-good side of himself that was his true self. However, he could not control it. When he saw that face which looked so much like his approach Nicole, the jealousy in his heart surged and spread uncontrollably. It felt like someone gouged out his heart, making the pain unbearable. Nicole was surely aware of what that low-grade fake was up to, but she still allowed his existence, and the two of them were even so intimate. ‘She ignored the carefully peeled prawn that I gave her, yet she could accept this little tramp’s offerings?!’ Eric thought. He stared at her delicate features and her clear and cold eyes. He found it hard to breathe. Nicole did not answer his question and smirked. “Didn’t you hear everything?” Since he mi

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