The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 573 What a Coincidence, Baby

Chapter 573 What a Coincidence, Baby

Clayton immediately changed the topic. The two of them talked for a while. Nicole also asked about Lil Michael’s recent situation. After hearing that Nicole had sent him a whole box of test papers, Lil Michael was so angry that he cried the whole night. Clayton could not even coax him to sleep. Gradually, the atmosphere between them felt relaxed. While they were laughing, a waiter’s welcome greeting sounded a bit abrupt. A few seconds later, a cold gaze stared at the two people from the window. Nicole only felt a chill from behind. Before she could react, a cold, hard arm suddenly landed on her shoulders and wrapped around her waist without allowing her to resist as the man sat next to her. She was slightly stunned. Eric had a smile on his face, but his dark eyes stared at her intently. He gritted his teeth as he said, “What a coincidence, baby…” That nickname made the temperature around them plunge to freezing point in an instant. Nicole looked at him coldly. “Let go.” “Nico

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