The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 583 His Ex-Girlfriends

Chapter 583 His Ex-Girlfriends

In just one month, Keith seemed to grow uncomfortable with life without Livia, and even more uncomfortable with watching his wife, who had been pampered in the Ludwig family for several years, go out and work for someone else, acting servile and obsequiously. Keith went to ask for a reconciliation, and Livia agreed after less than three times. ‘Look, she still likes me.’ Keith then decided to treat her well. However... At that moment, Livia’s eyes were cold like the tundra. Keith stood there with his mouth open, but he was unable to make a sound. Livia came forward step by step and stopped six feet away. There was an impersonal smile on her sweet face. "Mr. Ludwig, they’re all your old lovers. Why didn’t you invite them to your wedding?" Keith felt an astringent taste in his throat. He went over to Livia with his eyes fixed on her and spoke with a pleading tone. "I was wrong. Wifey, I was really wrong. I wasn’t a good man in the past, but I’ll be good to you in the future. I’

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