Chapter 585 Not Worthy

Eric’s voice was dry and hoarse, and his gaze was filled with helplessness. He really could not think of any way to save himself. He was furious at seeing this unlucky remarriage which put him in an unjust position. However, more than that, Eric panicked. Eric had never kneeled to anyone since he became an adult, but if kneeling could prove his sincerity, he was willing to kneel at her feet. Under the light, Nicole’s eyes were bright as she looked at the stage. She was not the least bit moved by Eric’s words. The corners of her mouth curled gently, slightly disdainful. “Don’t. It’ll just shorten my life.” Did he want to relieve all her sorrows with a single kneel? Dream on! Livia’s words undoubtedly pushed the atmosphere of the remarriage in the opposite direction. Keith stood to the side. In the eyes of outsiders, he was a scumbag who should be cut to pieces, but the sadness in his eyes was so profoundly intense. The people were confused. Was he for real or was he acting?

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