The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 594 He Can Drive a Yacht

Chapter 594 He Can Drive a Yacht

Eric was originally quite satisfied, but when he heard Xander’s name, his face instantly turned gloomy. That counterfeit was simply everywhere! He really needed to be taught a lesson! Unfortunately, Eric could not let people see a domineering president like him act so pettily. The reason why Nicole recommended Xander was because he had never got into any trouble except for occasionally starting some little tricks that he should not have. That was why she was willing to give him a chance. Unexpectedly, Eric came and stole the limelight. Without a doubt, Eric would be the center of attention in this variety show no matter how well Xander performed. They were given two small wooden boats. Yuliana, Sadie, and Livia’s group got into the boat and very excitedly discussed their strategy. Eric got on the boat and turned around to give his hand to Nicole. Nicole took a look at it but did not take it and jumped in herself. Xander, the only one left, took a trembling glance at Eric before

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