Chapter 606 Their Pajamas

As soon as Nicole opened the door, she saw a talking Sadie in a sexy black nightgown that showed off her bare shoulders. Once the two ladies saw each other, they were both startled, especially Sadie, whose face turned pale. Even her delicate makeup could not hide her panic. After all, Sadie was trying to seduce Nicole’s ex-husband, so she felt a guilty conscience as if she was a mistress caught by the legal wife. Nicole regained her composure in an instant. She saw the way Sadie was dressed and knew what Sadie’s purpose was. She sized the actress up and down with a cold gaze that made Sadie feel like burrowing into the ground. “M-Ms. Stanton, I’m sorry… I didn’t know that you’re also here…” Nicole pursed her lips. Her smile was faint as she opened the door widely. “Eric Ferguson is not in this room. This is my room. Do you want to come in to take a look?” Sadie shook her head repeatedly and stepped back. She already felt so humiliated as if she was caught in flagrante delicto.

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