The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 608 Taking Advantage of Her

Chapter 608 Taking Advantage of Her

Eric received Yvette’s phone call and rushed out the door, ignoring the fact that he had just finished showering and that water was still dripping from his head. He pressed the doorbell to Nicole’s room, but there was no response. He knocked on the door, but there was also no response. Yvette’s voice came through the phone, “Are you stupid?! If she could open the door, would I have called you? Go and get a spare card!” Eric was silent for a second. He decided to put up with Yvette Quimbey’s bad temper just this once for the sake of her concern for Nicole. In the next second, Eric took out the room card from his pocket. “Beep–” Nicole’s room door was opened. Eric was so fast that even Yvette was a little surprised. Yvette thought that Eric would go downstairs in a panic to get the room card from the reception, or at least call his men impatiently to send up the card. However, those scenarios did not occur. How strange! When Eric pushed the door open, he smelled the fragrance

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