The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 60 She’s Coming Back to the Country

Chapter 60 She’s Coming Back to the Country

After Nicole said her piece, she went back to the private room to call Ian and leave. Before she got into the car, it suddenly occurred to her that she had left her bag in the private room. She wanted to go back to get it, but Ian stopped her. “I’ll get it. You can wait in the car.” Ian left without another word. Nicole thought about it and followed him, but did not expect to run into Eric and Keith, who were both just leaving. To avoid unnecessary trouble, Nicole did not go forward and waited on the other side of the fountain at the entrance. Keith said, “I heard that Wendy’s coming back soon?” Eric gave a deep “mm”. Keith smiled and said, “I haven’t seen her in so long. I kinda miss her. Although she was at fault, your punishment was a little too heavy. She’s one of us, so you should just forgive her…” The two men walked and talked, then got into the car and left. The afternoon sky was gloomy, and the air was chilly. Nicole retracted her gaze. She was a little lost in thoug

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