Chapter 620 Jobbery

After a busy morning, everyone was immune to Yuliana and Xander’s public display of affection. It was just that Nicole did not expect Xander and Yuliana to see eye to eye. How could two people who were clearly completely unsuitable for each other in terms of spouse selection conditions be paired together to create hype? However, this would not create a bad impact. Otherwise, Dominic would not be so keen to create opportunities for the couple. Nicole thought, ‘Looks like I’ll have to discuss with Dominic about the timing to expose this romance to create a huge hype online. I’ll need to earn back the money I spent to book out the entire city’s LED screens for Eric from my money tree, Xander!’ Her eyes bounced between the couple as she started to cook up a lot of plans. Aside from Nicole, everyone could feel the cold aura that surrounded the man beside Nicole. He had a sullen and glum face that seemed to say, “Don’t mess with me!” “Wifey, where are you…?” Noises were coming from o

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