The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 622 Rich Woman Bullied Me

Chapter 622 Rich Woman Bullied Me

Nicole’s voice was extremely cold. Xander shuddered and dared not look at Nicole directly. Nicole glanced at the door, so someone immediately closed it. Eric and Mitchell also came in, seemingly curious about the outcome. Yuliana sobbed and draped on a robe before she came out of the bedroom. She was not afraid of the strange gaze from others. Her voice was hoarse and aggrieved. “Ms. Stanton, Mr. Young, since you’re all here, I'll be straightforward with you. Xander has only been in showbiz for a short time, but he dared to harass actresses so blatantly?” Xander heard this from the bedroom and ran out in anger. “You were consensual! You repeatedly hinted at me, so doesn’t that mean you like me? Everyone can testify to this!” “Hint at you? I admit to having a little crush on you, but that’s only for the show. We don’t have a single connection in private, right?” Yuliana glared at Xander furiously and walked over to slap his face. “Is smiling at you an invitation to f*ck me? Yo

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