The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 62 It’s Just a Car

Chapter 62 It’s Just a Car

To the butler, Young Lady Stanton should not drive herself. She should be chauffeured around wherever she went. Otherwise, it was considered his dereliction of duty. Nicole laughed and said, “Mr. Anderson, there’s no need for that. I can drive myself to work. Don’t worry.” She did not say much and hung up the phone. She drove the car out of the garage and went to the office. There was no traffic, so she had a smooth journey. However, Nicole was a little perplexed why other cars on the road were actively avoiding her. Even when she was waiting at a red light, the cars in front and behind her were several meters away. ‘Is it because I’m a female driver?’ Nicole thought. When Nicole got to the office, she gave her keys to the parking valet and went into the lobby. From the corner of her eye, Nicole noticed that Samantha Lindt was glaring at her indignantly with an undisguised resentment. Nicole was baffled. ‘Did she find out that I’d given Grant the recording? She shouldn’t know so

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