The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 633 Get Rich Together

Chapter 633 Get Rich Together

Clayton’s words silenced the surroundings. Nicole froze for a moment. Before the divorce, Nicole did think about that when she was living alone in Imperial Gardens, where she voluntarily imprisoned herself because of that promise. Nicole wondered countless times what would have happened if another man had saved her instead. Would she have passed by the underground fight club on that street corner, gone in, and rescued Eric? Maybe everything would have been rewritten. Nicole lowered her eyes. Her fingers touched the pattern on the cup. “I never think about things that didn’t happen, and I never regret the decisions I made.” It was not Nicole’s style to dwell on the sad past. Even if she made the wrong decision and regretted it, Nicole could only grit her teeth and move on. Would she deny that time of her life when she had a crush on him? No, he did save her many times. She had no regrets after. Nicole’s words stunned Clayton a little. He had wanted to hear that Nicole regre

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