The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 639 Help You Chase a Woman

Chapter 639 Help You Chase a Woman

After Nicole was done handling an urgent work matter, she received a call from Kai and went over to his set. Kai had always been very casual on a normal basis, but when he was on set, he never took it lightly. At work, he was very professional, meticulous, and very well-respected. When Nicole received Kai’s call, he only said that there was an urgent matter and asked her to hurry over. Thus, Nicole went over and was stunned when she saw the people around talking and laughing. Kai came out of the crowd and said, “Lil N, here!” He waved his hand towards her excitedly. Nicole was speechless. Seeing Nicole’s face that looked like she was about to lose her temper, Kai dared not delay another moment and ran over immediately. “Lil N, did you eat yet? I kept a box of takeout for you…” Nicole’s face turned even gloomier as her chest heaved violently. She realized that she was cheated by her third brother. “Takeout?! I ditched dinner with Grant just to come here and eat takeout with yo

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