Chapter 652 Dislike

Clayton Sloan was needed the most in such a meeting, but he was absent. The meeting room was well heated, but a light chill could still be felt. Gerard Lichman smiled. “Mr. Sloan is still abroad and can’t attend the meeting. We’ll send him a copy of the minutes afterward.” Nicole frowned but did not say anything. She took a seat and looked at the prepared materials. Eric tried very hard not to look at her, but his gaze still landed on her anyway. Nicole was like a gravitational vortex that Eric could not ignore. He would want to see her from time to time. When Eric heard her mention Clayton, he could not help but sneer. ‘He should be abroad now trying to salvage the project… He deserves it because I dislike the way he’s hovering around Nicole.’ Listening to Gerard’s report, Eric’s cold and solemn attitude made others feel more pressured. Gerard looked at those two people who did not communicate with each other and felt apprehensive. Every meeting was like a psychological war.

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