The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 657 Newly Promoted Budding Young Actor

Chapter 657 Newly Promoted Budding Young Actor

Nearing the New Year. Nicole handed over the company’s affairs to others and engaged in more social activities. They arranged some unimportant events in the days before the New Year since everyone would be busy after the New Year. Grant was dealing with their overseas business while Nicole handled the domestic affairs. Floyd brought Kai and Lil Michael to do some New Year shopping. The superstar was often photographed going in and out of major supermarkets around the city. Maverick also had some time off from his research institute, but he was never in the mood to celebrate the New Year. Floyd had to call Maverick several times to make sure that he would be home for the New Year. Finally, it was New Year’s Eve. Nicole gave everyone a holiday and was the last one to leave the office. As soon as she went downstairs, she saw Clayton standing at the door. After a long time of not seeing him, Clayton was still so gentle and modest, which gave off a very comforting feeling. However

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