The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 673 Stoned to Death

Chapter 673 Stoned to Death

Kai and Nicole felt like they were props. Their faces were stiff from smiling, but they still had to keep smiling and greet the guests. Nicole did not even smile so much when she was with business partners. She felt like she was about to get facial cramps. Kai was a famous movie star that had an aloof and noble image and was worshipped by everyone, was still subjected to this torture. After the introduction of a number of relatives, Floyd also felt that his mouth was a little dry. Fortunately, the butler was extremely tactful to hand over a cup of tea. “Chairman Stanton, the coffee and refreshments are ready...” Floyd hurriedly welcomed them into the house. “Quick, quick… Please come in. Make yourselves at home!” Floyd then gulped down a large cup of tea. Then, without changing his face, Floyd led Nicole and Kai inside. Floyd hurriedly introduced his daughter that he was most proud of. “This is Lil N. She’s taking care of our company. Grant is just an auxiliary. Our Lil N’s

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