The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 675 Sweet-Tongued and Diligent

Chapter 675 Sweet-Tongued and Diligent

Nicole paused for a moment. “Of course not! They’re very open-minded. You don’t have to bother about what others think. Just follow my second brother’s temper.” In the Stanton family, no one dared to show Maverick attitude. Molly sighed with relief and smiled. “That’s good. After all, this is my first time here. My mother saw that I must be sweet-tongued and diligent, then wait for the marriage to be finalized.” Molly sighed and continued, “But there’s simply no chance for me to perform!” Nicole and Julie were stunned. Julie could not help but laugh. “Mav’s girlfriend is so real, huh?” Nicole laughed and thought, ‘Molly was even more realistic earlier in the garden. She didn’t hide her yearning to marry into a wealthy family.’ However, this kind of realness made people feel comfortable. It was much better than those sycophantic high-society ladies. “Molly’s very cute. My second brother hasn’t been attracted to girls since young. He likes Molly so much because her personality s

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