The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 689 Can I Beat It Up?

Chapter 689 Can I Beat It Up?

Nicole drew her hand back coldly. Elders? What nonsense. Were they trying to bind her with morality? No way! “Sorry, but I’ve already taken it to heart. Since we’re relatives, I won’t call the police, but I would like these two ‘elders’ to leave my house immediately. Otherwise, I’ll sue them for slander!” At those words, everyone was expecting Floyd to come out and mediate the situation. However, he was so angry that he had no intention to open his mouth. Noah also shut his mouth. He was helpless himself, so he would not meddle in the matter. The grand-aunt was about to say something, but Kai could not hold back anymore and said with an icy tone, “Didn’t you hear Lil N? Are you waiting for a driver to send you back?” “Kai, how can you say that? Not only are you not advising your sister, but you’re even adding fuel to the fire instead?” Everyone did not dare to criticize Nicole, but they could still say a few words to Kai, who had worked hard all night. Kai sneered. “If anyone

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