The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 698 Putting On Airs

Chapter 698 Putting On Airs

Julie smiled. “Young idols who debut in the talent show have a lot of fans, but they’re mostly elementary school students. He seems to have been peeking at you.” Nicole pursed her lips helplessly and brushed her hair. “I’m not interested in elementary school students. I like older celebrities more.” Kai caught up behind them. “What are you talking about? I wanna know…” Nicole and Julie walked in silence. No one paid attention to him. The male celebrity walked in front of them. Before he reached the door, he put on his sunglasses and mask as if afraid that others would recognize him. He took out his phone and ordered, “Are the bodyguards ready? Don’t let anyone touch me. I’m a clean freak!” Nicole and Julie exchanged a glance and smiled silently. They felt like this man was purely superfluous. Most of his fans were elementary school students who would need to go to school instead of coming here to pick him up, right? The celebrity got ready. As soon as the person in front opene

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