The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 69 I Want My Blood Back

Chapter 69 I Want My Blood Back

Eric Ferguson felt his heart clenched and his eyes darkened. He did not know anything about Nicole. He was unaware that she could play the violin so well, nor did he know that she smoked. “I never smoked in front of you because I was afraid you wouldn’t like it before, so of course, you never had the chance to see it.” Every time Nicole donated blood, she would feel very weak. Eric accompanied Wendy Quade, and Nicole’s only company was cigarettes. Nicole was particularly addicted to smoking during those tough days. The corners of Nicole’s lips hooked up, but her eyes were slightly despondent. A moment later, she returned to her usual self. She glanced at Eric’s drooping eyes and smiled playfully. “Want to hear my conditions?” Without waiting for his reply, Nicole went straight to the point. “Get Wendy Quade to give me however much blood I’ve donated to her. It doesn’t have to be in one go. Anyway, she can finish repaying me within a year.” Eric’s head jolted up. “What?” Nicole

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