The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 708 Eric F*ckerson’s Confidence

Chapter 708 Eric F*ckerson’s Confidence

In the next second, Nicole came back to her senses and pushed his hand away, leaving his embrace. ‘Ugh, Eric F*ckerson just wants to show off all the time!’ A single sentence from him made her gratitude disappear. Nicole flipped her hair as if nothing had happened. “You think too much. Thanks.” Eric wrinkled his eyebrows. ‘Her attitude changed a little too fast, right?’ He moved closer to her and said in a low voice, “That’s it? Just one word of thanks? Ms. Stanton, you’re so stingy.” ‘What else did he want?’ Nicole suddenly regretted not falling down. ‘If I fell, I would’ve just felt a pang of pain. That’s still better than letting this jerk torment me!’ Thinking of this, she looked up at him helplessly. “Then how do you want me to thank you?” ‘I only fell because of you!’ Nicole thought, but she would never tell him this. The two of them were extremely close. The tobacco smell on his body seemed to have faded, and only the fragrance of tea remained. It was a very comfortab

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