Chapter 716 Double Whammy

Nicole’s attention was on the situation in front of her. Those punks also had a good sense. They were fighting ruthlessly with her bodyguards, but no one went to make a move against Nicole. Out of the corner of her eye, Nicole suddenly noticed that Hector Leach stood up and secretly wanted to run. She wrinkled her brows and pursed her lips. Hector was the key to subduing these people, so she could not let him get away. Nicole was just about to go over and drag him back, when she suddenly heard Logan shouting in panic, “President! Be careful!” She froze and suddenly felt an eerie cool breeze at her back that approached her. She subconsciously became tense and realized that someone was sneaking an attack on her. It also seemed too late to dodge it. It was unavoidable. Just then, Hector suddenly lunged forward to her. His body seemed uncontrollable, full of shock and fear. His speed was faster than the dumbfounded Nicole. He then took the hit from the person who sneaked up from beh

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