Chapter 71 Little Traitor

Nicole was stunned and surprised as she squatted down to pick up the tiger. “Hey little guy, it’s you again?” The little tiger rubbed against her shoulder and spoke in a cute voice, “I’m not a little guy, I’m a big and mighty tiger! Roar!” Nicole was amused and looked at Gerard. “It actually remembers me?” “It has a good memory.” Gerard laughed and then whispered, “After all, it’s not a real tiger… Shh… Don’t let it hear what I said.” “I heard that! I don’t like you anymore… Hmph!” The tiger looked away and narrowed its eyes in anger. Gerard touched his nose while the curly-haired man came over to them and said, “So you’re the pretty lady he’s been going on and on about?” The man had a big head of curly hair and wore black-framed glasses. He looked like a stereotypical scientist and looked to be in his twenties. “This little traitor came back and showed off to us saying that he saw a pretty lady. It always had very high standards when it comes to aesthetics, so we were curious.

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