The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 725 Have the Skills to Be Single

Chapter 725 Have the Skills to Be Single

Nicole turned around and went into the living room just as she saw Kai humming a tune and walking to the kitchen. That was strange. On normal days, Kai would not even step foot into the kitchen if Floyd did not force him to. What was wrong with him today? Floyd was sad for a while and sat in the living room, watching TV. He was recently into a period drama. Nicole was just about to join her father when she heard someone coming down the stairs. Maverick was walking down the steps as he sighed inexplicably. ‘Mav is home?!’ “Mav, did you come home alone? Molly didn’t come back with you?” Maverick’s face stiffened. This was obviously poking his sore spot. Floyd lifted his eyelids and did not want to speak. Maverick touched his nose. His elegant face had a hint of embarrassment. “I’m going back to the research institute tomorrow because it’s about time to get back to work. Molly’s staying at home for a while longer.” Nicole nodded and watched as Maverick walked toward the kitch

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