The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 740 Use All Tactics

Chapter 740 Use All Tactics

The surrounding people instantly quieted down. Nicole looked at them. “I’m not Lincoln Zelman or Hector Leach. I’ve never promised you anything. You took the state’s unemployment benefits and came here to muddle through life. I’ve paid you whatever wages that Zico Company owed you that’s on the books. I have more conscience than them!” Her voice was extremely cold. Her aura was so powerful that the people present were shocked. For a while, it was surprisingly quiet. Some people were restless and agitated. Someone in the crowd shouted, “That’s our salary! Since you bought the company, you should pay us. We demand the same compensation as those ten people earlier. We all work in the same place, so why didn’t we get the same treatment?” “That’s right! Why not?” “Yeah! You only paid us that little bit of money!” ...... Nicole’s gaze was icy as she glanced at the person who spoke. Her tone was overbearing. “There’s no labor contract, so we’re not obliged to give you any compensatio

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