The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 754 Excuses to Get Closer

Chapter 754 Excuses to Get Closer

Nicole’s words were a sharp warning to Eric. Nicole was not just disgusted by Wendy Quade, but also their three years of marriage. For a moment, Eric’s expression became extremely ugly. The corners of his lips were pressed into a straight line. His eyes were dark and heavy as he stared at her. Nicole lowered her eyes and took a deep breath. She restrained her trembling fingertips and spoke in a clear and cold tone. “Eric Ferguson, stop mentioning the past. I also don’t want to hear Wendy Quade’s name again. Changing my identity from a blood donor to someone who forces people to donate blood isn’t something to be proud of. My blood type is indeed special, but not to the point that I need to blackmail others to donate blood. I still have my principles of being human.” The corner of her lips curved into a mocking arc. Then, she pressed the button on her motorized wheelchair and retreated. “I’m going back to rest. Mr. Ferguson, I hope that I won’t need to see you again while I'm recu

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