The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 757 He’s Jealous of Me

Chapter 757 He’s Jealous of Me

Nicole was really just worried. It was an honest concern for Clayton. This accident made Nicole feel that she seemed to carry some prejudice against him before this. Nicole treated all suitors with an attitude of indifference. That was because of the inherent defensiveness from the unknown. However, this seemed futile on Clayton. Due to this car accident, the relationship between them changed discreetly. However, she could not pinpoint exactly what was different about it. Clayton tried hard to break the unfamiliarity between them. It was a struggle, but he was also clear that he could not let up. He wanted to take things further with her, and he wanted to take the initiative. Thus, Clayton was clear about every bit of change in Nicole’s attitude toward him. Hearing Nicole’s concern, Clayton felt a little lost, but he still pulled out a smile. “Then it’s worth it for me to get hurt.” Nicole’s smile stiffened slightly. Clayton once again spoke, “Did Mr. Ferguson tell you why

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