The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 759 The Bigger the Fuss, the Better

Chapter 759 The Bigger the Fuss, the Better

Logan looked at Nicole and continued to speak. “The murderer’s wife and his terminally ill daughter went to Zico Company’s entrance to make trouble and just wouldn’t leave. The wife claimed that we sent her husband to prison, so they don’t have any income. She insisted that we take responsibility for their living and medical expenses…” Nicole’s face sank when she heard this. Her voice was cold as hell. “Are they so shameless?” The murderer acted like the victim and still had the nerve to ask them for money at their door? It was truly revolting! Logan pursed his lips. “Now, it’s quite inconvenient for the staff to go in and out of the office. Every day, they attract a lot of attention. The security guards couldn't do anything, so Jacob Cook gave them $20,000 to send them away, but because of that, they realized how easy it was to get money and went again the next day. It’s an endless cycle. The most concerning thing is that this will affect the smooth implementation of the project.

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