The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 761 The Little Cripple

Chapter 761 The Little Cripple

The murderer harmed Nicole for his daughter, and Nicole only survived because she was lucky. What if Nicole did not manage to escape? What if Clayton did not show up in time? Grant just did not want to waste a single penny on this murderer’s family. Nicole was silent for a few seconds, knowing that they were all so reluctant for her sake. Otherwise, with Grant’s character, he would have solved it with money. Money was the murderer’s wife’s weakness. If they charged the murderer’s wife with extortion and blackmail, she would be in jail as well. However, Grant did not do so because he was resentful. Nicole pursed her lips. Her beautiful eyes dimmed. “G, this money will set a positive image for us and lay the foundation for the project in Sand City. It’s worth it.” She was still a businesswoman that could weigh the pros and cons in the shortest time. This little bit of money was nothing to them. Grant knew that Nicole had already made up her mind, so he did not stop her. “Oka

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