The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 773 That Son of a B*tch

Chapter 773 That Son of a B*tch

Afterward, Clayton looked at Floyd. “Uncle Floyd, it’s getting late. Sorry for disturbing you today. I will definitely come over to make up for it some other day.” Clayton wanted to leave. Floyd nodded. His attitude had eased up a lot. At that moment, Floyd’s anger was transferred to that damned Eric Ferguson. “Okay. If there’s anything you need help with, just ask us. Don’t be a stranger.” Floyd shot Kai a look. Kai immediately understood, stood up, and extended his arm. “Mr. Sloan, after you.” Clayton took a deep look at Nicole before he nodded and turned to leave. When Kai returned, he looked at Floyd and finally could not help but break into a cussing fit. “What does that son of a b*tch want? Does he have a death wish?! On the surface, he acts like a gentleman, but he stabs us in the back? He’s the most shameless person there is!” The butler tried to persuade Kai not to get angry, but he could not find a chance. Nicole calmly hugged Tigger and stroked its fur gently, li

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