The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 775 Create Opportunities for You

Chapter 775 Create Opportunities for You

The dim light in the study did not have a trace of warmth at this time. The floor was a mess, and a chill permeated in the air. Eric stood there with his back against the light. His whole body was immersed in darkness. His cold and handsome face was half-lit. His dark eyes were as sharp as a blade as he tried to suppress the coldness in them. Eric truly regretted being soft-hearted and not taking back all of Old Master Ferguson’s power in the beginning. “Do you know what you’re doing?” His voice was deep, rough, and hoarse. Eric gritted his teeth as he looked at Old Master Ferguson. Old Master Ferguson looked at Eric and sneered. He laughed at Eric’s kind-heartedness. Eric was still too young. “How can those little tactics work against Clayton Sloan? I’m just adding fuel to the fire so that he would burn more thoroughly.” If Eric had not made the first move, Old Master Ferguson would not have been able to get the opportunity to do this. Old Master Ferguson glanced at him. “

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